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Evaluation Schedule

Evaluation Schedule


Evaluations will be the weeks after GSL playoffs, Beginning the week of March 19th .   Please follow website as we continue to post updated information.  ( Mites will have 2 Evals, Sq-PW-BT will have 3 each)


Times, Dates, and Birth Year assigments will be updated soon.  


Springfield Capitals Board of Directors

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2018 Calendar Raffle Winners

Calendar Winners 2017-2018 Season

February 1st- $25   Joanne Sakowski 
February 2nd- $50 Laura Gentile
February 3rd- $150 Mike Ferrero
February 4th- $250 Dianne Tuttle
February 5th- $75 Sue Eaton
February 6th- $50 Ann Rivers
February 7th- $25 Mark Beglaine
February 8th- $50 Mike Ekmalian
February 9th- $50 Debbie Nicholas
February 10th- $100 Carolyn Trudeau
February 11th- $150 Gail Wagner
February 12th- $50 Isiah Morales
February 13th- $50 Jeff Beaudin
February 14th- $200 Sherry Mitchell
February 15th- $75 Andrea Cataldo
February 16th- $100 Spike
February 17th- $100 Derek Costa
February 18th- $100 Jack and Jen Hunt
February 19th $50 Robert Gould
February 20th- $50 John Rustico
February 21st- $50 Kathy Forester
February 22nd- $25 Ralph Calabrese
February 23rd- $50 Nick Garib
February 24th- $175 Carolyn Knight
February 25th- $100 Rick Burns
February 26th- $100 Steve Hefner
February 27th- $50 Melanie Starzyk
February 28th- $500 Allyson Rief

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2017 Jay Peak Green Mountain Avalanche Tournament 3rd PLACE

2017 Bantam's 3rd Place Finish

2017 Bantam's

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2017 Jay Peak Green Mountain Avalanche Tournament CHAMPIONS

2017 Squirts's

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2017 Jay Peak Green Mountain Avalanche Tournament 3rd PLACE

2017 PeeWee's

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Learn to Skate/Play/ Novice Hockey


Introduction – Springfield Capitals Youth Hockey’s Learn to Skate and Learn to Play Program is designed for beginners from age 3 and up.  The program provides the opportunity for all boys and girls to learn the basics of ice skating and basic hockey skills, in a SAFE and FUN environment.  When you sign up for the Learn to Skate or Learn to Play, you will be in a program that focuses on fun, participation and basic skill development.  Skater's progress at their own rate and coaches make session’s active using teaching aids and a wide variety of games and activities that create a fun environment and promote learning.  Beginners can start out by pushing "walkers" across the ice in order to keep their balance.  And before you know it, they are skating on their own!


Coaches/Instructors - USA Hockey certifies all our coaches throughout the Springfield Youth Hockey Association.  It is a mandatory requirement for all coaches in the association to be certified.  Parents interested in assisting in the Learn to Skate program should contact the program coordinator for more information.


Required Equipment - All skaters must have ice skates, Helmet with face cage or shield, Neck guard and heavy gloves (preferably hockey gloves).   We also highly recommend knee/shin pads and elbow pads for the Learn to Skate program.  For the Learn to Play program, in addition to the above mentioned, skaters will also need Hockey Gloves and stick, shoulder and elbow pads, Hockey pants, shin guards and athletic supporter/jock with protective cup.


Location - All sessions are held at CYR Arena, Springfield Ma (inside Forrest Park) 200 Trafton Rd, Springfield, MA  SYHA will hold 2 Learn to Skate/Learn to Play Sessions this coming season (see dates for each session below).



Schedule - Our Learn to Skate & Learn to Play Programs are offered in (2) 12-week sessions. 

                Session 1 Oct 15th -Dec 31st  ( there will NOT be Learn to Skate on Christams Eve)

                Session 2 Jan 7th-March 18th



Springfield Youth Hockey Learn to Skate Learn to Play Hockey will be every Sunday at 1:00 pm to 1:50


We accept any skaters and players at any time during the session, even if the session has started and your skater/player may have missed a few classes. Players who are enrolled in sessions 1 and/or 2 of Learn to Play have the ability to join a NOVICE team for the upcoming Novice Season or the following season.  For those interested in playing hockey, taking part in the Learn to Skate/Learn to Play program along with the Novice team is very beneficial to the young skaters.


Cost - $75 for each 12 week session.

 No refunds of registration fees will be issued after the program has begun.


Registration - To register, complete online registration form, supply or upload a copy of Birth Certificate (if new to SYHA), and complete Waiver of Liability Form and USA Hockey Consent to Treat Form.  All forms are available under documents tab.


 No child will be allowed to participate until all the forms are completed and all fees are paid. Please understand that this is for the safety of the child, the parents/guardian and SYHA.


Information - For more information about this program, please contact Jamie @

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2017 Marlboro Challenge Cup Mite Champs

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2016 PeeWee 3rd Place

PeeWee Third Place Winners
2015-2016 Springfield Capitals PeeWees
PeeWee Upper Level
Third Place Winners!

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2016 Squirt Champions

Squirt Championship
2015-2016 Springfield Capitals Squirts
Squirt South Lower Level Champions

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Please mail all payments to
PO BOX 80047
Springfield, MA 01138

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