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First Step Hockey School - June 2019

The 2019 First Step Hockey school is for skaters ages 6-13.  Anthony Sarno, one of the instructors, has recently joined the Capitals organization and has graciously offered a $50 discount to any Capitals player that signs up for this summer camp, which brings the cost down to $305 for the week. 

If you are interested or have any questions, please feel free to reach out to him at 413-265-6529 or

by posted 02/12/2019

We would like to take the opportunity to thank all those who supported this year's fundraiser and calendar raffle.  Thanks to this generosity, the Capitals organization is able to help fund tournaments, provide equipment and other much needed items to help develop our players.  This wouldn't be possible without you!


We would like to extend our gratitude to all our sponsors... 

AC Produce - For supplying the food for the spaghetti dinner  
Carter McLeod  $1,000.00
Devlin,Peters, & Tarpey, LLC  $500.00
Contractor Home Supply  $250.00
Hampden Flooring  $250.00
Donohue & Donohue D.M.D  $150.00
The Kitchen  $150.00
Paychex  $150.00
Rich & Judy Dziobek  $100.00
Bignell Brewing Company or Two Weeks Notice II  $100.00
The DeRusha Family  $100.00
Cuddles Pet Sitting  $50.00
Goss & McLain  $50.00
KH Mastery List  $50.00
In Memory of Tom D'Amrosio  $50.00
The Rustico Family  $50.00
The Nicaretta Family  $50.00
The Hayes Family  $50.00
The DiNapoli Famiy  $50.00
Crossfit Swarm, LLC  $25.00
The Dinn Family  $25.00


And the calendar raffle winners are...

Winner Sold by Day  Amount 
Dan DeCosmo Maxwell Demers February 1st  $25.00
Hunter Buckert Hunter Buckert February 2nd  $100.00
Tyler Drewnowski Sam Ferrero February 3rd  $100.00
Carolyn Hefner William Hefner February 4th  $50.00
Deb Buckley Logan Scott February 5th  $50.00
Kim Conway Nathan Hutchins February 6th  $50.00
Sara Auclair Logan Scott February 7th  $50.00
Carolyn Hefner William Hefner February 8th  $100.00
Wilhem Morales Isaiah Morales February 9th  $50.00
Lynn Barry Logan Scott February 10th  $50.00
John Rustico Jack Rustico February 11th  $50.00
Ron Johnson Cameron Nicaretta February 12th  $50.00
Ruth O'Connor Owen Nolan February 13th  $150.00
Cara Harrigan Tim Harrigan February 14th  $50.00
Patricia Guertin Logan Scott February 15th  $50.00
Steve Maynard Masyn Conway February 16th  $100.00
Warren Gemmill Joe Kane February 17th  $100.00
Ashley Clark Hunter Buckert February 18th  $50.00
Warren Gemmill Joe Kane February 19th  $100.00
Mike Harrigan Tim Harrigan February 20th  $50.00
Patricia Rosemond Garib February 21st  $50.00
Lea Finck-Gave back to Caps Conor Edwards February 22nd  $100.00
Adam Fisher Owen Fisher February 23rd  $100.00
Brook Vaylin Aiden Lamontagne February 24th  $200.00
Mike Roy Mike Roy February 25th  $50.00
Mike Mastroianni Drew Scherban February 26th  $100.00
Cohen Francisco Cassie Rivers February 27th  $100.00
Jayson Kneeland Michael Kneeland February 28th  $250.00

by posted 02/10/2019
NOVICE this Sunday, Teams and info

Springfield Thunderbirds Stop by MITE practice


Good afternoon,


I received word of the Novice schedule.


First here are the teams


Capitals Red First Game December 2nd this Sunday at Olympia Rink 3 9am


Hunter Clift (Dad volunteered to caoch)

Nicholas Hutchins (Dad volunteered to coach)

Matthew McGrath

Farren & Zander Mol (Mom volunteered to be team manager/texter)

Emma Weber


Capitals Blue first game, December this Sunday the 2nd at the Olympia Rink #3  at 11am

Blue Team

Duke Avery

Cohen Fransisco (Dad volunteered to help)

Hudson Grabowski

Jayson Kneeland

Mike Mazza (Dad volunteered to help, if needed)

Finley Morton (Dad volunteered to help)

Brianna Raymond



One major note on the Capitals website (Brianna Raymond, Michael Mazza and Morton Finley are on BOTH rosters, it is a mistake that at the moment is stuck.  They are all on the Blue roster. The above teams are correct.)

As for the games, one coach on the ice with skates and helmet, one on the bench. Please work out who wants to do what, everyone is busy so the schedules will vary and that is fine.


For those few without a uniform, if you text Sherri Conway at 413-222-5414, she can meet you at the rink tonight. If not, you can have it on Monday night.


Lastly, the Master Schedule is found at the Greater Springfield League website. This is the end all be all.  So, if you ever have questions reference this every time, including SNOW questions.  We do not have any say in this at all.




Springfield Capitals Board of Directors



by jamie scherban posted 11/06/2018
2018-2019 Novice Season- First Game 12/2/18

Updating 2018-2019 Novice Hockey Season and Sessions


Novice Hockey is for players with birth years 2012, 2013, and maybe 2014 (older birth dates are allowed IF appropriate ability and size)


Historically, the Capitals have entered teams in Sessions 2 & 3 which begin in November.  We are very open to starting in September for Session 1 but we need a parent/volunteer to step up to coach (know how to skate and run basic skills).  We have several kids signed up.  We could use one or two more.


This is a bit time sensitive.  We need to sign up Session one on September 13th, so please let us know.  Please contact us at




Thank you,

Springfield Capitals Board of Directors








by jamie scherban posted 09/02/2018
2018-2019 Learn to Skate Update


Learn to Skate / Play / Novice Hockey  2018-2019


Introduction – Springfield Capitals Youth Hockey’s Learn to Skate and Learn to Play Program is designed for beginners from age 3 and up.  The program provides the opportunity for all boys and girls to learn the basics of ice skating and basic hockey skills, in a SAFE and FUN environment.  When you sign up for the Learn to Skate or Learn to Play, you will be in a program that focuses on fun, participation and basic skill development.  Skater's progress at their own rate and coaches make session’s active using teaching aids and a wide variety of games and activities that create a fun environment and promote learning.  Beginners can start out by pushing "walkers" across the ice in order to keep their balance.  And before you know it, they are skating on their own!


Coaches/Instructors - USA Hockey certifies all our coaches throughout the Springfield Youth Hockey Association.  It is a mandatory requirement for all coaches in the association to be certified.  Parents interested in assisting in the Learn to Skate program should contact the program coordinator for more information.


Required Equipment - All skaters must have ice skates, helmet with face cage or shield, neck guard and heavy gloves (preferably hockey gloves).   We also highly recommend knee/shin pads and elbow pads for the Learn to Skate program.  For the Learn to Play program, in addition to the above mentioned, skaters will also need hockey gloves and stick, shoulder and elbow pads, hockey pants, shin guards and athletic supporter/jock with protective cup.


Location - All sessions are held at Cyr Arena, Springfield MA (inside Forest Park) 200 Trafton Rd, Springfield, MA.  SYHA will hold 2 Learn to Skate/Learn to Play Sessions this coming season (see dates for each session below).



Schedule - Our Learn to Skate & Learn to Play Programs are offered in (2) 12-week (approximately) sessions. 

                Session 1 Oct 14th -Dec 30st 

                Session 2 Jan 6th-March 17th



Springfield Youth Hockey Learn to Skate Learn to Play Hockey will be every Sunday at 12:40 pm to 1:30


We accept any skaters and players at any time during the session, even if the session has started and your skater/player may have missed a few classes. Players who are enrolled in sessions 1 and/or 2 of Learn to Play have the ability to join a NOVICE team for the upcoming Novice Season or the following season.  For those interested in playing hockey, taking part in the Learn to Skate/Learn to Play program along with the Novice team is very beneficial to the young skaters.


Cost - $75 for each 12 week session.

No refunds of registration fees will be issued after the program has begun.


Registration - To register, complete online registration form, supply or upload a copy of birth certificate (if new to SYHA), and complete Waiver of Liability Form and USA Hockey Consent to Treat Form.  All forms are available under 'Documents' tab.


No child will be allowed to participate until all the forms are completed and all fees are paid. Please understand that this is for the safety of the child, the parents/guardian and SYHA.


Information - For more information about this program, please contact Jamie @

by jamie scherban posted 09/02/2018

Please mail all payments to
PO BOX 80047
Springfield, MA 01138

by posted 02/17/2011
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