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Novice Hockey STARTING

Good Afternoon,

The Annual Novice Season is getting under way DECEMBER 4th and practices will begin on Monday November 14th at 6pm.

Now many of you are beyond this stage of your players development, but as an organization we count our members to help grow the program in all areas, which includes are first experience with hockey, Novice.  If you know any one roughthly in Birth Years 2011 to 2009 (there is some flexibility with Novice) and they are interested in playing/learning hockey have them reach out to or Register at


there will be two Novice Sessions, this one will Run to January 15th,

Practices every Monday and games on the 6 weekends ( schedule out soon).

Thank you for your attention to this,


The Springfield Capitals.....

by jamie scherban posted 11/07/2016
2016 Squirt Champions

Squirt Championship
2015-2016 Springfield Capitals Squirts
Squirt South Lower Level Champions

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2016 PeeWee 3rd Place

PeeWee Third Place Winners
2015-2016 Springfield Capitals PeeWees
PeeWee Upper Level
Third Place Winners!

by posted 03/16/2016

Please mail all payments to
PO BOX 80047
Springfield, MA 01138

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